Refugee Jumpstart

Refugee Jumpstart

Refugees will achieve economic and social integration by accelerating their ability to successfully enter the labour market.

Empower refugees, through coaching, mentoring, and training, who currently reside in Greece, to establish careers that leverage their strengths, talents, education and experience.

We are offering our services to our clients via :

Coaching and Mentoring:
We provide one-on-one virtual coaching and mentoring by seasoned professionals. In working with a coach/mentor, our refugee clients set individual objectives, which may include the following:

  • Identify skills, strengths, interests and talents
  • Set career objectives
  • Identify targeted industries and companies
  • Develop a job search strategy plan
  • Create a CV
  • Create a LinkedIn presence
  • Be held accountable, focused and in action
  • Strengthen cross-cultural integration
  • Connect with other needed resources
  • Debrief training to extract additional learning
  • Provide post-hire coaching support

Employability Training:

  • Provide a series of in-person and Zoom training in the areas of:
    • Job Search (e.g. CV workshop, interviewing skills, networking skills)
    • Cultural Integration and soft skills (ethics in the workplace; communication skills)
    • Skill Building (e.g. Customer service, language immersion,etc.)
  • Online courses (e.g. Coursera, Udemy, Microsoft class)
  • Referrals to NGO’s for computer, language skills, business entrepreneurship and vocational training.


Connect our refugee clients with recruiters, employment sites, remote job opportunities, and global companies that value inclusion and diversity— where language skills and cultural differences are seen as assets to accomplish their business goals.

  • Work with employers to enhance their ability to hire and retain qualified refugees to fill critical business needs.
  • Provide posthire coaching support for our clients who have transitioned to a new position.

Our clients:

Our clients are highly educated or skilled professionals, the majority have a bachelor degree in a scientific field and some of them have a master degrees. They come from different backgrounds, but what is gathering them is finding a better future in the country of destination.

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Company formation in Greece

<strong>Incorporation of a company in Greece</strong>

Setting up a business, especially at international level requires a lot of time and effort due to local bureaucracy and complex ever-changing legislative frameworks. We have a team of experts of different nationalities, who will provide you the support that you need, so that  you can focus on growth and business opportunities instead.

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<li>Company establishment</li>
<li>Establishment of Greek legal entities</li>
<li>Tax registrations</li>
<li>Arrangement of required licences</li>
<li>Work and residency permits</li>
<li>Opening of bank accounts</li>
<li>Domiciliation services</li>
<li>Provision of registered address in Greece</li>
<li>Professional reception desk</li>
<li>Processing changes in the legal status of companies</li>
<li>Maintenance of all statutory records</li>
<li>Accounting, payroll and tax compliance services</li>
<li>Communication with third parties</li>
<li>Representation in front of the Greek statutory authorities</li>
We would like to discuss with you, what your business goals are. We will then propose to you the best way ahead!