This website is for people who want to work elsewhere in Europe as well as businesses that are looking to expand or partner or relocate elsewhere in Europe

I work in Europe

We have been involved in recruitment across borders for more than 30 years, thousands of jobseekers have found a job in Europe. Some of them took temporary contracts, others stayed a few years, and quite a few relocated permanently.

The current situation in The Netherlands: more than 200,000 job vacancies and there are just not enough suitable candidates. In Germany, we are talking close to 1 million job vacancies!

During the last 50 years, people from other EU countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Greece found their way to the ‘rich’ West of Europe, where shortages had been rising.

Covid has made a lot of these people return to their home country, and shortages in the West are rising again.

Third country nationals are making their way to Europe, countries are starting to open their borders for jobseekers.

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Business to Business

Some of you may decide to move to The Netherlands permanently, become self employed, others may want to set up a business.

There are companies outside the country and even outside Europe wishing to work with Dutch or German companies, relocate (Brexit) their activities or simply look for a business partner.

We have become active in Turkiye and are currently seeking European partners for companies.

This is where we come in. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us!



I work in Europe

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