I work in Europe

In nearly all EU countries, there is a shortage of personnel, it is becoming a challenge to find people within the European Union and even then, it is only a temporary solution. People tend to return to their home country after a while, only very few decide to relocate permanently.
As we speak, there are more than 3 million job vacancies in the EU and companies are struggling to find candidates.
For more structural solutions, they start looking outside the EU. This implies procedures with visa, work and residence permits, which can be lengthy and tiresome.
We at I work in Europe have been involved with many aspects of working  across borders since the 1980s, many companies found a new playfield, thousands of individuals relocated  within or outside Europe, many of them permanently!

If you are looking for a job within the EU, please click on this link. This will lead you to our Job page, where a small number of jobs are displayed, but also an open application link.

Please post your vacancies free of charge. We are searching for candidates outside the EU, which gives you a good chance to find suitable candidates.

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