Job search in Europe

What are we going to do to solve the shortage of qualified personnel?

In western Europe, the labour shortage is starting to cause problems.

There are many ways to recruit personnel:

  1. Make use of an external recruitment office
  2. Training of new recruits
  3. Cooperation with a foreign recruitment agency, temp agency or a subcontractor


In many of the above cases, you will be dealing with foreign companies, there are just no more skilled people available in the UK!

Working with foreign companies has large implications:

  • Language and culture barriers: :communication is paramount for a successful cooperation
  • Housing and transport to work must be arranged
  • Safety at work. Most of the workers need to pass a safety test in order to be allowed to work
  • Is all paperwork in order?
  • Are people properly insured? In the case where the foreign employer pays National Insurance Contributions in his ‘home’ country, ne needs to apply for an A1 document.
  • Are the employees managed professionally? Whom can they direct to, in case of a problem?

The Team of I work in Europe has more than 30 years field experience, we have a large team of professional recruiters, please feel free to consult us!