I work in Europe

We at I work in Europe have been involved with many aspects of working  across borders for more than 30 years, many companies found a new play field, thousands of individuals relocated  within or outside Europe. We are using our software platform ORGANIZEDFLEX to keep track of the  constantly changing paper trail when people move; with this software, we can keep employees, employers, clients, and also the the authorities up to date.


We bring businesses from within the European Union in contact with their counterparts from other EU countries and even outside the EU.

We are agents for NGSI from Kiyv, Ukraine (ISO 9001 certified)

  • Construction, repair and overhaul of oil and gas pipelines, infrastructure and communication networks.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling.
  • Construction and reconstruction of compressor stations and distribution of trunk pipelines and mainline pressure pipelines.
  • Civil and industrial construction.