I work in Europe, για Ελληνες που αναζητούν εργασία στην Ολλανδία.

I work in Europe is there for people who are looking for work in The Netherlands.








There are more than 200.000 job vacancies in The Netherlands, for example:

  • Logistics centres (order pickers)
  • Horeca (Chefs, cooks, cleaners in restaurants and hotels)
  • Maintenance and cleaning in holiday resorts
  • Of course, we have other job vacancies as well, such as window cleaners, truck drivers, bricklayers.
  • If you have a different background and are looking for a job in The Netherlands, do not hesitate to apply!

To see an overview of available jobs, please click here


Laws in The Netherlands are very strict, so is the law of operating an employment agency:

    • Minimum wage: by law, you will always be paid at least equal to the minimum wage.
    • Fees: by law, we do NOT charge you for our services.
    • Accommodation: it is very difficult to find good accommodation. We endeavour to find you suitable accommodation at affordable prices. But we are not agents, we are not landlords. You will have an agreement with the owner of the accommodation, and you pay your rent to the owner directly, that is your responsibility.


We have made a selection of the jobs that are on offer, the number of jobs on our website will increase, please click on the following link to see the available jobs.

If the job that you are looking for is not in the list, the following link leads you to our application form.


If you are already working in The Netherlands and are stuck, or have a question, please contact us, we are there to help you! If anything has happened between you and your employer, you feel that you have been treated wrongly, please contact us!

Who are we

Our company was founded in 2004. If you wish to let us know you are looking for a job in The Netherlands, please click the button below.


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