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In Germany, there are more than 300,000 job vacancies. In Belgium, we are talking about more than 50,000 job vacancies, in The Netherlands, we are talking about more than 50,000 job vacancies, more than 100,000 in Scandinavia……..

We will help you find the right job! There is a shortage of personnel in many sectors of industry.




We organise seminars and courses for specialised professions in our Academy, such as bricklayer, plasterer, tiler, electrician, plumber. Please click the button below, if you wish to send us your application.

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Are you looking for personnel?


In western Europe, the shortage of qualified personnel is starting to cause problems.

There are many ways to recruit people: 

Make use of an external recruitment office, 

Training of new recruits, 

Cooperation with a foreign agency

In many of the above cases, you will be dealing with foreign companies, there are just no more skilled people available!

Working with foreign companies has large implications:

Language and culture barriers: :communication is paramount for a successful cooperation

Proper housing and transport must be arranged

Safety at work.

Is all paperwork in order?


European Labour Compliance Agency (ELCA)


Please read our page ELCA for more information about this matter. You will find the most important information about legislation and paperwork, required to work in EU countries.

The Team of I work in Europe has more than 30 years field experience, feel free to contact us!

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