Working in The Netherlands, financing and backoffice

The primary process in an employment agency is straightforward: find and manage your personnel, look after your clients and make sure the job gets done. But there is more to it.


We are in a period where finding skilled labour is becoming increasingly difficult. Many companies are struggling to find staff. On the other hand, working with a foreign agency is sometimes unknown territory for Dutch companies.

Culture, language, knowledge of laws and regulations are not always a match. Foreign companies often have trouble finding the right partner to work with and get the right contract with the right conditions.

This is where we come in. Our experience and our professional way of handling all legal aspects of the process make the difference!


Cash flow is vital, and it is always a hassle to pay the wages in time. Wages need to be paid once per week, sometimes advance payments need to be made, while the invoice has not yet been paid by the client.


Invoice factoring makes life a lot easier. You send your invoice to your client and within 24 hours, you will receive payment to cover your wages, taxes as well as social security contributions. The factoring company also takes care of the actual payment by client through their bank account.

Of course, there are certain conditions, like the client has to be credit-checked, invoices have to be backed by signed timesheets, they are the basis for the value of the invoice.


Working in the Netherlands as a NEN 4400-2 registered company needs a lot of paperwork. Fines for non-compliance with the law are high. We can take care of your entire backoffice, run your entire payroll and communicate with the local authorities to make your life easy.


With our software ORGANIZEDFLEX, all necessary paperwork is at your disposal at any time:

  • The employee has an app on his mobile phone, showing his ID, safety certificates, A1 documents, timesheets, payments of wages
  • The client has an overwiew of employees, timesheets, invoices
  • All relevant data of the agency are visible for inspection: payments of wages, taxes, social security contributions, posted workers’ notifications


Many clients in The Netherlands require a so called G-account (g-rekening). Clients use this account to deposit the amounts of wage tax and social security contributions. For foreign companies, it is often very difficult to obtain a g-rekening.

We can take care of all the above for you !


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