Who are we?

What is I work in Europe?

I work in Europe Ltd, etsblished in the UK, founded in 2014.

  • Recruitment of specialized professionals in the EU, but also in other continents
  • Management of projects in the EU
  • Consultants, specialized in international contracting and employment agency work
  • Company formation in The Netherlands
  • Accountancy services
  • Backoffice specialists for foreign companies working in The Netherlands

Medi Terra Ltd, founded 2004 in Greece

  • Design, construction of houses
  • Running of tourist accommodation in Greece
  • Marketing activities tourism related
  • Recruitment activities in Greece
  • Promotion of trade between Greece and The Netherlands


We are working closely together with

Trident Group, established Rotterdam, Netherlands

Personal Service Beratung Heitmüller, established Bad Kreuznach in 2015, Germany. PSB are an employment agency and recruitment company.

More information about our partners on this page



Details of the companies

I work in Europe Ltd
168, Church Road
Brighton & Hove
BN3 2DL East Sussex
United Kingdom
Companies House 8981676
Medi Terra ΕΠΕ
18010 Aegina
VAT # EL099121265
GEMI 00044612707000
KVK 87592371