Who are we?

What is I work in Europe?

I work in Europe Ltd, etsblished in the UK, founded in 2014.

  • Recruitment of specialized professionals in the EU, but also in other continents
  • Management of projects in the EU
  • Consultants, specialized in international contracting and employment agency work
  • Company formation in The Netherlands
  • Accountancy services
  • Backoffice specialists for foreign companies working in The Netherlands

Medi Terra Ltd, founded 2004 in Greece

  • Design, construction of houses
  • Running of tourist accommodation in Greece
  • Marketing activities tourism related
  • Recruitment activities in Greece
  • Promotion of trade between Greece and The Netherlands

Details of the companies

I work in Europe Ltd
168, Church Road
Brighton & Hove
BN3 2DL East Sussex
United Kingdom
Companies House 8981676
Medi Terra ΕΠΕ
18010 Aegina
VAT # EL099121265
GEMI 00044612707000
KVK 87592371