Medi Terra

Who are we?

Medi Terra Ltd was established in Greece in 2004. Our company started as a small project developer on the island of Aegina, Greece. Soon, we started B2B with companies in The Netherlands and Germany, providing recruitment services of technically skilled people.

The crisis in Greece, the influx of refugees and the rapidly increasing unemployment (currently at 12.4% as opposed to the average in the EU of 2.6%) made clearly visible that there was a need to find work for these people in the countries where people are needed.

Medi Terra Ltd

  • On Aegina, we run a small apartment building The Beach House Apartments
  • In Athens, we have a consultancy office, forming a bridge for Dutch entrepreneurs and individuals wishing to establish in Greece
  • Consultants for foreigners, wishing to purchase property in Greece
  • Company formation in Greece
  • Accountancy services in Greece
  • Small scale project development takes place on Aegina, Ellanion Village
  • Temporary employment in The Netherlands. With a 12.4% unemployment rate, we want to help residents of Greece getting through the cold winter months by providing temporary employment in The Netherlands, which in some cases resultes in longer term or even permanent employment.