Privacy statement


I work in Europe Ltd takes the privacy of its candidates and employees, as well as her other relationships and website visitors seriously. The personal data are treated with the utmost care and security, in full compliance legal requirements.
I work in Europe Ltd is based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, United Kingdom and is responsible for the processing of the data.

technical information

In general, our website can be visited without having your personal data transferred to us. Like many websites, this site automatically collects or certain non-identifiable information about users of the Website, such as the Internet Protocol (IP) – address of your computer. The IP address of your Internet Service Provider, the date and time of access to the website, the Internet address of the website from which you are directly linked to our website, the operating system you are using, the sections of the website you visit, the pages of the web site you visited and the information you have viewed, and the material that you submit to or download from the website. This technical information is used to manage the website and administrator, and to further improve the website. These technical data may be disclosed to third parties and may be stored for future use.


I work in Europe Ltd uses cookies and web statistics. We do this to see how visitors use our site. This information helps us to improve the site. A cookie is a file stored on your computer. In a follow-up visit on our website, these cookies can be recognized.

processing of personal data

If you choose to provide information voluntarily, we will use this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The moment you enter your details on our website, your personal data will be used for the implementation of our services. Your personal data will be processed (1) in order to provide us your information for our services and other activities, (2) to assess your data in order to help you find permanent or temporary work that suits you, (3) to establish an agreement with a client and to maintain contact with the client, (4) for assist with your personal development, including training and education, (5) for management purposes, including management information, the provision of internal audit and corporate security and the exercise of audits and auditing, and (6) in order to comply with the legislation.

We process the following personal data:

name and address, email address and other contact information

Birth date, age, marital status, sex, passport, citizenship, curriculum vitae (CV), information on training and work experience, references and testimonials.

I work in Europe Ltd will only use your personal data to comply with its legal obligations, or if it is otherwise enforced by a legal procedure. By “sensitive personal data”, we mean: information referring to race, religion or belief, political opinion, health, trade union membership, criminal data and / or personal information about unlawful behaviour. I work in Europe Ltd may disclose your personal data to its clients, subcontractors (such as data processors) that provide services on its behalf, suppliers, government agencies and other business relationships. And in all other cases in which we may be required, for example, by a court order or a court order to do so. I work in Europe Ltd has taken the necessary measures to ensure protection of your personal data.

personal business relationships

(Clients, suppliers, vendors and any other instance where we collect personal data of the employees of the company). I work in Europe Ltd handles the personal information of stakeholders who work for companies with whom we do business (1) for doing deals and / or providing information about the services and other activities, and (2) maintain a business relationship and to conclude a contract agreement and maintain.

We process the following personal data: name, contact information, and functions of contacts.
I work in Europe Ltd uses the personal data of its business relationships where this is necessary to achieve the objectives of the business relationship. These data can be passed on to candidates or business partners and subcontractors (eg data processors) and in all other cases in which I work in Europe Ltd can be, for example, forced by court order. I work in Europe Ltd has taken the necessary measures to ensure that protection. I work in Europe Ltd is doing everything possible to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized use. We do this by means of physical, administrative and technological measures. For example, only authorized persons have access to the data.

view and / or change information

Jobseekers: Through your account you have access to all of your data that you registered with us. You can change or delete this information at any time.

For other relationships: You have the right to access, change and delete your data at any time.

questions, comments or complaints

If you have questions, comments or complaints about the protection of your personal data I work in Europe Ltd., please contact us via


I work in Europe Ltd may change its Privacy Statement without prior notice.