Medi Terra

Education and training on-the-job

The company was founded in 2004, far before the Crisis, that hit Greece really hard.

Design and construction of affordable houses on Aegina, Greece. Target market: young Greek people, looking to buy their first house.

And then the crisis came, hitting Greece (and Medi Terra) really hard.

But we came back!

We started the Academy

Now a recruitment and training facility for Greek people, looking to broaden their horizons and looking for a job as a builder, be it bricklayer, plasterer, tiler or any other profession that is in demand in west Europe, we endeavour to help the candidates and their families and give them a new life!

Construction firms in west Europe are short of skilled people. Bricklayers, plasterers and tilers are very much in demand.

Together with the support of Vakmensen BV in The Netherlands, we have managed to educate 20 people at the Academy and found them a new job in The Netherlands.

Not only do we educate building skills. Social skills (getting familiar with Dutch culture, language) as well as ‘safety-at-work’ (the Dutch VCA course) are part of the programme.

We are looking to achieve a target of 60 people in 2020. For more information about the Academy, please click here.