I work in Europe Business Services

Business services

The growing European market calls for professional business services. Services, where you as a business owner are consulted and guided by professionals, who know your product, speak your language and assist you in finding the right market of business partners in another country!

For companies, looking to export their products to other European countries, we are a reliable partner.

  • Through our network, we bring you in contact with potential clients
  • For small businesses, we assist in the setting up of webshops
  • Legal services: we will bring you in contact with experts
  • Accountancy services: should you decide to establish a business in another European country, we will bring you in contact with one of our associated experts


  • We assist start-ups with their marketing and business plan
  • We will consult in financing your business
  • We will find a professional accountant for you

Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

MLM is not at all easy. In many cases, only 1% of people who get involved in MLM are successful. We have put the advice of professionals on line for you. Please follow the link to read it.

We have experts on board with proven MLM experience.

Affiliate network

  • I work in Europe has a network of affiliates, professional companies, fully licensed, with whom I work in Europe have a working relationship, based on solid trust and contractual agreements
  • Should you be interested to become an affiliate, please let us know