NGSI is established in Krakow, Poland, a 100% subsidiary of the mother company NGSI (Neftegastroyizolatsiya) in Kyiv Ukraine, the company endeavours to service new clients in western Europe. NGSI is a trade name of PCR Sp. Z.o.o. (Pipeline Construction and Repair)

The expertise of NGSI lies in the design and construction of often complex projects. NGSI has developed its own tools and possesses a  number of patents as a result of its achievements

NGSI was founded more than 25 years ago and has been operating in mid and eastern Europe for most of its life, the core of its business has been the construction of gas and oil pipelines, above as well as underground, using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), from small (70 mm) to large diameters up to 2000 mm.

NGSI has its own welding school, where personnel are trained with the latest equipment up to ISO standards.



The recent war in Ukraine has made the company decide to concentrate more on western Europe.

NGSI’s agents in western Europe are I work in Europe Ltd, headquartered in The United Kingdom, with a network spanning The UK, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with extensive experience in contracting as well as all legal and administrative aspects.

NGSI is looking for partnerships with companies in order to create an ideal synergy.



Main activities of NGSI are:

  • Engineering of complex piping systems. The background of the Management is engineering. During the past 25 years, they have engineered and commissioned a large number of projects.
  • Construction and maintenance/repair of pipelines. Engineering as well as construction and commissioning of extensive networks of pipelines with diameters varying from 70 to 2,000 mm.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). For the construction of pipelines, in many cases, HDD rigs are used, where crossings under rivers, buildings, objects, hills or mountains are to be made.
  • Welding. NGSI have their own welding school, where personnel are trained. NGSI also have facilities to train external students.

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