I work in Europe Medical

As a result of growing shortage of skilled nurses and carers, hospitals and care homes all over Europe are forced to source their staff abroad.

This means: paperwork, language courses, exams and lots of time involved in the process…..

I work in Europe has decided to join forces with a licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines, we now have direct access to candidates, who are all in the possession of the required paperwork. In the Philippines, there are more than 450,000 registered nurses!

Although the requirements in the European Union are high and procedures can take a long time; most certificates of the Philippines are acknowledged. We at I work in Europe Medical have the knowledge and experience to deal with the procedures.

Hospitals that are interested to hire nurses from the Philippines, we have a proven safe procedure for the employment of nurses from the Philippines, please contact us.

If you have a vacancy and want us to find the right candidate(s), please fill in this form.

If and when required, language courses will be arranged (Dutch, German, French and other languages).

Recruitment of nurses and other medical personnel is not limited to the Philippines alone!

Anybody, who qualifies, is welcome! To apply, please click here

Our professionalism and experience guarantee quality.

The Philippines require a license, issued by the POEA (see picture below).




To apply for a job as a nurse, please click here