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For registered nurses from third countries and the EU, under the age of 45, our Client offers a program for speedy immigration, as well as a job for the first career start in Germany.

Start in elderly care and promote-while-you-study to a  Nurse

Step 1: When we first approach each other, we have online interviews (in English), we receive your CV and respective documents approving your CV. Most important is that you learn German up to the level B2.

As soon as you have achieved level B1 approved by a language certificate we start with the immigration process, as the B1 level is the prerequisite for a German job contract. In May and November, we have ‘matching days’, where you will undergo an extensive interview. When the interview is successful, you will be offered a permanent employment contract.

You now collect your documents (we will send you a document check list and your personal immigration agenda) and you will organise apostilles where necessary. Now you make (good quality) photocopies and let the German Embassy authenticate your apostilled copies. Once authenticated you make scans and upload the scans to your profile at our Internet Portal, which manages your immigration process.

Step 2: To facilitate your immigration our German Client will employ you (a fulltime, permanent employment contract in elderly care) and arrange your entire immigration process. According to your contract you work as care giver to senior citizens, 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, having one day off. During working hours, we educate you in German Language (B1 to B2) and in German Nursing. You earn a salary according to official “Employment Ordinance” and you live in the premises of the person you care for at no cost.

Step 3: We prepare you for your nursing exam “Fachkenntnisprüfung” which every nurse has to pass in order to get a professional recognition in Germany. This is your first step to becoming a Registered Nurse in Germany!  After you passed this exam we apply for your permanent work permit and introduce you to different hospitals or nursing homes that saw your profile at our Portal. You will then have the opportunity for personal interviews or work on a trial basis with these employers. If an employer hires you, we will have your work visa changed and  connected to the work contract of your new employer.
Over all the time, our program and our team will always accompany you as you are our program member.  In average you need approx. 6-10 months (depending on your learning ability) before we register you for your nursing exam (between Step 2 and Step 3). Your first work permit / Visa for the recognition time lasts for 12 months and can be extended up to 24 months. You can fail the nursing exam once and repeat it. As our program is intensively connected to official apprentice programs, you will most likely pass.

Step 4: You will start working as a Registered nurse! Each year that you have fulfilled, you will be paid a bonus. This bonus is to pay for the investments that you have made, your language course, visa, ticket to Germany.

Your investment, our investment

You invest in:

  • Language course
  • Visa
  • Ticket

Client invests in:

  • Paying your salary while you are trained
  • 3 months of full time paid schooling
  • Courses and examinations
  • All paperwork to make you become a nurse

In short:

  • You start in senior care
  • While you are working, we invest in you:  upon arrival, you will get 10 days training in ‘Care for elderly people at home’; during this period, you will be paid.
  • You will be working under the supervision of the Lead Nurse.
  • After 3-4 months of supervised ambulatory working you will be going full time to school for nursing theory, then 1 month in stationary care at an elderly home for practical training.
  • Fachkenntnisse Examination. Since you are well prepared, you should easily pass the exam.

More information about the 24-hour care for elderly people which is your first employment.

What is 24-hour care?

The so called “24-hour care” is senior care in live-in community. It means, you support a senior in his numerous tasks of daily life while you live within his premises at no rent or cost of living for you. What the everyday care routine looks like depends on the need for help of the person being cared for and the living environment.
Basically, the 24-hourcare can be divided into four areas of responsibility: basic care, housekeeping, nutrition and social care.

In general your tasks are:

  • House Keeping
  • Prepare a meal plan, shopping grocery, cooking/baking
  • Cleaning work, washing/ironing
  • Activation
  • Talking to each other, spending time together
  • Reading aloud from newspapers and books, play games
  • Take walks, or visits of family and friends
  • Take to appointments (doctors etc.)
  • Help in everyday life
  • Help with body care, washing and hair dressing
  • Help with getting up, going to bed and dress / undress
  • Help with going to the toilet
  • Give security
  • Orientation, call for help in emergency
  • Help with medication
  • Informing relatives about current situation and changes

Do I have to pay rent?

No. In the 24-hour care you live rent-free in the apartment / house of the senior. For your privacy you get your own room in the apartment or the house.

Do I have to pay for food?

No. You live in the household of the senior you care for. There you will find food and drinks at your disposal.

Do I have Internet access?

You have your own room and yes it is with internet access. This is for private use as well as for education, because you get language and nursing lessons online. Internet use is free of charge for you.

Can I work in medical care yet?

No! And that’s a strict NO! In order to be allowed to work in the medical fields of care, you must first be recognized as a certified nurse. We prepare you for your exam exactly to achieve this recognition for you. But until the recognition is attained, you are not allowed (!) to work in medical care. This means that all medical nursing work must be carried out by a extra care service.

Dos and don’ts

Basically, all the work you have to do is discussed with the senior / his family and with your supervisor and recorded in a roster. If the family or the senior requires other activities from you, especially work that you cannot or do not want to do, the senior must first ask your supervisor or us. We will then clarify bilaterally with the senior and with you whether the work is reasonable or not. We represent your point of view towards your senior and are fully on your side.

How much free time do I have?

Basically, you work 40 hours a week, a maximum of 11 hours in a day with an hour break. This time is documented by you in an
app. Generally you work about 6 hours a day and get in addition language and professional tuition. You get a roster app and document your working time. If you have to work more we will see this in your documentation and will talk to the senior.
You have one day a week and the time off after work. However, the exact leisure time with the senior you are looking after must
be well agreed.

Can I take my children with me? Unfortunately, no. Since you live in the house or apartment of the seniors, you can not bring your children during this stage of your immigration. However, as soon as you passed you exam and are permanently employed in a hospital or nursing home, you may bring you children. We support you with all family reunification applications.

Do I work legally in Germany? Yes of course! You will receive a work visa, a residence permit and a work permit. We organise all these things for you. Your employment contract meets all legal requirements.

Salary As a Senior carer, you will earn 1,920 euro gross per month. After recognition of your certificates, this will go up to 2.320 euro gross per month. These are starting salaries. As your experience and annuity increase, your salary will go up accordingly.

Am I insured? Yes, and on a very large scale. On the one hand, you are socially and pension insured through your employer, your assignment also concludes liability and accident insurance.

What if I want to go on holiday? Of course, you are entitled to holidays and can also take the holiday at any time. We then have to find a temporary replacement for your senior. In addition, your deployment may change according to changes on the German labour law. We keep strictly to all legal regulations as our business is immigration and we don’t want to build obstacles for our employees.

What if I want to quit because I don’t like the senior? Of course, your senior and you have to get on well together, you live together in an apartment. There may sometimes be differences of opinion, but they can be clarified and solved. If you can’t (or can’t live together after an argument), a separation is certainly one option and we will find another care deployment. It is our responsibility as you are our employee and we have to solve your problems.

What if I want to get out completely? By accepting our job offer, you and us have entered into a commitment and we invested in a large scale in you (immigration expenses, cost for language and nursing courses, cost for exams, visa, etc.) in the faith and confidence that you will also keep your promise and to fulfill your tasks of the contract.

If you want to quit, this is of course possible. But please note that your Visa is bound to our working contract. This is a general procedure and identical with any other employer. All Visa are connected to employment contracts. So if you quit, you have to leave the country or need our consent to change your Visa to another working contract. Please keep in mind that ultimately you are responsible for your path, by all means and we are your supporters.

Job Category: elderly care Health Care Nursing
Job Type: Permanent contract
Job Location: Germany

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