Truck driver C for catering

As a truck driver you will be responsable for transporting (with a box) and delivering drinks, fresh food products and catering products from a distribution centrum to, for example restaurants, pubs, offices etc.

You have to make sure the products will reach the destinations on time. Loading and unloading with roll containers is also part of your tasks. You have to work with the on-board computer. In addition, you will have to handle the necessary documentation, report missing products and take back empty roll containers. Any time when you will have any questions or problems you will contact the planning department.

You will work from Monday until Saturdays, occasionally on Sundays. Your day will start early in the morning (between 4am and 8am) and it will last for 8 – 10 hours. During a day you will have between 10 – 15 addressess (1 trip) mostly in the city of Amsterdam.

  • Hourly wage: between € 13,10 en € 14,08 depending on your work experience
  • Weekly payment


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