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Scaffolding , Tracing, Insulation

The Job:

monter/insulation engineer:

    as monter you will be working on pipes, appendages and on other installations in a refinery. Your job will be removing old insulation material and replacing it with new material. Different materials are used on different sites for different purposes such as cryo, heat and sound insulation.

    Plater/ insulation panel fitter:

    You will correctly mount the insulation panel ( cladding) on pipes and other appendages

    Insulation sheet metal worker:

    you are making according to the drawings the pieces of sheet metal precisely to fit around the insulated tubes and appendages.

    insulation gauge/isometrics:

    You measure all necessary pieces of cladding that needs to be made in the workshop.

    • Who are we looking for?

    You are a team player.A team member who is at the job day in day out come rain or shine. A dedicated worker who takes pride in his job and knows his profession.

    • What else is needed?

    You should be able to understand basic English, French, German or Dutch.

    A VCA certificate, if you do not have it we can provide the training.

    No 9 to 17:00 mentality. Flexibility towards hours.

    • What can you expect?

    An exciting job for the biggest industrial clients.

    Accommodation, internet, tv fully equipped kitchen, good bed and a clean room.

    Rooms are free if shared if a private studio is wished for then there will be a contribution depending on the studio of 100€ per month and up.

    Transportation is taken care of  and free of charge.

    If you have a drivers license you are eligible for a company car.

    Personal protection equipment is issued free upon arrival.

    Tools are distributed free.

    • When can I start?

    As soon as the registration is done.

    • What happens when I arrive?

    You will be met at the airport or train station and taken to our accommodation. There you will be introduced to your job coach. He/she will show you your quarters and will see to transportation and tools.
    The next day there is an introduction at the client and a video safety test.
    Did you pass then you can start your job.

    • When do I get my paycheck?

    Our payments are per completed calendar month and are paid into your account on the 15th of the following month. If needed an advance can be asked for.

    • What is my pay rate ?

    Depending on the aforementioned functions:

    Monter € 11-13

    Plater € 13-14

    Sheet metal worker € 14-15

    Isometric € 15-16

    The salary is all inclusive net per hour. The employer does not keep anything in their care. So everything is completely paid out to you.

    • What are the working hours?

    Your normal working week will be 40 hours per week . During turnarounds it could be 50 and plus.

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