Scaffolders- second and first builders preferably with diploma.

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  • The Job:

Assembling and disassembling scaffolds. On all locations you will work with Layher scaffolding material.

  • Safety

Everyone is equipped with certified lines, harnesses and all personal protection equipment as well as tools.

  • Certificates:

If you are not in the possession of a mandatory VCA certificate the company will see to it.

  • When can you start?

You will work together with your colleagues on refineries either in Belgium or the Netherlands.Before being admitted you have to pass for the gate safety instructions. A client introduction/test is also mandatory in some cases. If everything is ok you are good to go. Our job coach will help you on your way and will do the introduction on site.

  • Transportation

Transportation to the work and back is arranged by the company. If you have a valid driving license then there is a possibility to drive a company car.

  • Accommodation

The accommodation is arranged via STI and you will stay in Antwerp or in Stekene. The accommodation is fully equipped. There is a possibility to share an apartment or to have a private studio. Shared apartments are free and for a studio there is a private contribution to pay.You will have in the apartment : A good boxspring bed, kitchen with all necessities, tv, internet, heating. Your laundry can be washed in the building or near by.

  • The candidate:

You are a team player , a skilled worker who likes to work safely on refineries, is flexible and serious about his profession.

  • The workweek

The normal working week is 40-50 hours per week.

Night and weekend shifts happen during turnarounds.

  • The salary:

Salary is paid on month base and is paid on the 15th of each following month. There is a possibility to receive an advance payment if needed.

Your paycheck is all inclusive which means that you will get all your money on your account and nothing is held back by the company.

  • The pay

There are of course distinctions in the pay grade because there are distinctions in the level of experience and or certificates.The range is:

Foreman with full VCA € 15-17 per hour

1st builder with VCA € 13-15

2nd builder with VCA € 11-13


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