1255 – Bricklayers The Netherlands and Germany, also self employed

  • Construction
  • Frankfurt

Job Description

Do you have the skills and the experience? We are looking for teams of bricklayers for jobs in The Netherlands and Germany.

Facework is about quality. But not only quality, it is also about quantity, speed of work. Only experienced bricklayers can do it!

You will be employed by a Dutch company, they will take care of housing too. Good salary, depending on experience.

Standard working week 40 hours, overtime possible. VCA certificate compulsory. We can arrange training and exam, if required.

Knowledge of English or German is absolutely necessary!

The Netherlands:


Are you an experienced British bricklayer and in the possession of a valid VCA certificate: we have long term contracts in The Netherlands, pay is 24 euros per hour upon invoice, but you have to bring your own tools, arrange own transport and accommodation in Holland. Needless to say, you need to apply for a new A1 certificate before you come out to work in The Netherlands



  • Long term contracts
  • Your skills will be tested, based on these (quality, quantity), your wage will be agreed, wages start at 10 euros nett per hour.
  • Insurance through German Krankenkasse
  • Accommodation paid by employer. Rooms: private, kitchen and bathroom may be shared
  • Employer endeavours to provide accommodation ‘within reasonable distance’ from work
  • It would help to share a car between 4 people. If you bring your own car, your trip from the home country to the place of work will be reimbursed (against fuel bills).

Please apply only using this form!