1143 – NHS Nurses UK

Permanent Band 5 nursing Opportunities UK – RGN

We are currently recruiting for various hospitals in the UK and Northern Ireland qualified Nurses for full-time permanent Staff Nurse positions in numerous specialties.
Vacancies Exist In:

  • Acute Medical Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • Neuro- Rehabilitation
  • Paediatrics
  • General Medicine & Surgery
  • Elderly Care


  • Band 5 Salary £21,478- £27,901
  • 1 Month Onsite Accommodation
  • Paid flight of relocation
  • Welcome pack on arrival for each Nurse
  • Excellent Induction Programme for new starters


  • Recognised Nursing Qualification
  • NMC Registered (or eligible to apply for same)
  • Good English Occupational English Test (OET), level B. Please click here to read more about the test.
  • Good communication skills

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Please apply only using this form!

Fact sheet:

Main duties and responsibilities: Work as a qualified nurse with patients in all of the above mentioned institutions and wards.

Specific working conditions: Nurses perform skilled tasks according to their qualifications (professional work standards)
Work time regulated in the employment contract: Indefinite contracts, full time – work may be in shifts, depending on the

A workweek contains 37,5 hours in the UK. ( irregular work time, shifts, work schedule-detailed information)
Rests regulated in the employment contract: all contracts are equal to native nurses in the UK, in accordance with UK law
and collective labour agreements. (rest hours per a day, rest days per a week)

Holidays: approximately 25 regarding NHS regulations

Remuneration according to the employment contract: during the probationary period depending on experience and position, starting at approximately £21.000 before taxes, skilled and experienced nurses will earn up to > £28.000. -> During the registration process the salary can be lower +- £15.000 this will be cleared once the candidate advances in the application process.
Taxes: depending on the region, marital status, children and church, for a detailed calculation: 20%

Period of probation: typically 1 month, this will be agreed upon with the employer once the candidate advances

Health insurance: When the candidate is employed and has a National Insurance Number and pays taxes, he/she is
automatically insured by the NHS.

Compensation in case of labour accidents, temporary or permanent disability, death: Benefits in accordance with respective UK law, insurance and collective labour agreements.

Transport costs to the country and to work place: To be agreed upon individually, will be agreed once candidate advances
Accommodation: to be agreed upon individually with employer once the candidate advances, it is common that a nurse can
rent accommodation directly from his/her employer for the initial phase (induction and probation period) at low cost.

Labour permits: EU Rules apply, EU passport meets criteria -> furthermore a declaration of good health and a clean
penalty/criminal record confirmation is needed.

Additional benefits for the position: Flexible Benefits in according with UK law, pension and collective labour agreements,
other benefits to be agreed upon with employer (e.g. starter kit, fieldtrips, courses)

Additional information for the position:
Requirements to the position: !! Very important: A full EU certified diploma, or non EU equivalent, (typically a three -4- year bachelor study, or a four -4- year education) as a skilled nurse, with 6 – 12 months practicle experience (6 months may be included in the study / prequalification) with a passed state exam. For the UK there is B2 English level required, this will not have to be proven with a certificate.
The candidate has to be registered in the UK, we will guide and support this process for and with the candidate.
Education: typically a -4- year educational or bachelor study in nursing. Diploma has to be recognized by the NHS. Please
read the NMC file for more information.
Work experience:
Language skills:
6 months PQ experience
Level of knowledge
Personal skills and abilities: .Soft skills: building good relationships with patients, communication, service minded.
Professional skills and abilities: Full range of professional nursing skills – examined during studies, prequalifications
(work with particular devices, tools, materials/technical competence/specific skills)