1 job for 60 days

1 job for 60 days


A full job description has to be written by you, stating:

  • Job title
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Skills and competencies
  • Language skills
  • Salary
  • Is housing available for foreign workers?
  • Duration of employment


Advertise your job with us!

SPECIAL OFFER: post a job for 60 days for 10 Euro!

A part of the proceeds of our job advertisements will be donated to Quality of Life foundation. The foundation strives to support those in need of a job and help them in finding the right job. Also, financial support is given to those, who fall below the absolute minimum standards of  life.

The procedure:

  • Please use this form to post your job
  • You will be sent a reference number
  • This reference number is vital for us to recognise your payment and put the job on line
  • As soon as payment has been received by us, your job will be put on line for 60 days
  • If you want to renew your subscription, please let us know by email (info@iworkineurope.com)