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  • Youth unemployment in Europe - What to do about it?

    Youth unemployment in Europe – What to do about it?

    The figures of youth unemployment are alarming! From a mere 9% in west Europe to more than 60% in Greece…… and what can we do about it? ‘The risk of a lost generation’: what if there is no future for you in your own country? Employers: PLEASE read this document. There are EU funds available […]

  • A new job in a new country

    Many of us are looking for a job in another country. Either there is just not the right job available in your own country, or you are looking for a new challenge, somewhere else! How does this work? You have sent us your personal data after that we will get in contact with you and […]

  • Working in Germany

    I work in Germany German employees spend an average of 41.2 hours a week at their workplace – and are thus ranked seventh among the hardest working Europeans. This was the finding of a study from the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) in Dublin, which was published in 2008. […]