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  • 1313 -Central heating engineers

    For various projects in The Netherlands, we are looking for central heating engineers. The projects are mainly the installation of central heating systems in new houses, but maintenance work in existing houses may also occur. You will be driving a company car, and have your own handtools. Long term contracts for the right candidates! Interested? […]

  • Sociale lasten en Loonheffing bij intracommunautaire dienstverlening

    Hoe zit het met Sociale lasten en Loonheffing bij het werken met een buitenlandse aannemer? Wat is een A1 document? Is er een TWV nodig? Hieronder wordt een uiteenzetting gegeven over de volgende onderwerpen: Sociale lasten Loonheffing Tewerkstellingsvergunning (TWV) A. Sociale lasten Er wordt veel gezegd en geschreven over de A1. Werknemers van ondernemingen (dit […]

  • We help you check the A1-documents

    The growing shortage of skilled personnel forces companies to subcontract their work to foreign subcontractors, or make use of foreign employment agencies. These foreign companies have to comply with strict rules regarding the payment of social insurance contributions as well as taxes for their employees. Also, the employees MUST be in the possession of a […]

  • Working for Great Wall Motors in China

    An introduction to working with Great Wall Motors in China. China needs YOU, experienced people are more than welcome to help develop the fastest growing economy of the World. China is changing, changing fast! From a country with poor working conditions, high air pollution in industrial areas, it is developing. Renewable energy, electric propulsion of […]

  • English language competence for nurses and midwives

    Providing evidence of English language competence: Guidance for EEA trained nurses and midwives   1 Nurses and midwives play a vital role in the provision of healthcare in the UK. As a registered nurse or midwife it is your responsibility to make the safety and wellbeing of those in your care your primary concern. A key part of this is communication, and the need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in English. 2 For this reason, in order to hold registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), you must first satisfy us that you have the necessary knowledge of English. This means, ‘a knowledge of English which is necessary for the safe and effective practice of nursing or midwifery in the United Kingdom’   More…..

  • Registering with the Irish Nursing Board

    Ireland has many vacancies for Registered Nurses. Please click at this link. On this page, you will all the information that is needed to become a registered Nurse in Ireland. For general information, please click here.  The registration has a cost of 350 Euro. The process can take up to 6 months. The steps that you […]

  • Make a video CV

    In this world of on line recruitment, a CV is just a piece of paper, and it is not until a personal meeting takes place, that you actually see and hear people, see the personality behind the piece of paper. It is about intelligence, and especially emotional intelligence. It is about seeing more than the […]

  • Nurses in the UK, recognition of diplomas

    Please click on this link to read the NHS information about recognition of your diplomas and certificates in the UK. NMC introduces new application fee for EU trained nurses and midwives If you request an application pack and submit the pack to us, the NMC will charge a £110 evaluation fee. This fee has been […]

  • Languages, Sprachen, talen, idiomas, γλώσσες, langues

    When you are looking for a job in another country, languages are sometimes a big hurdle. Of course, it helps when you have family or friends in your ‘new’ country, but most of the time, you feel lost without enough knowledge of the language. How do you go about this? Start learning in your home […]