A new job in a new country

Many of us are looking for a job in another country. Either there is just not the right job available in your own country, or you are looking for a new challenge, somewhere else!

How does this work?

  • You have sent us your personal data after that we will get in contact with you and we have an initial contact.
  • We then start looking for a suitable job for you.
  • Do you have the language skills for a job in another country?
    We can get you in contact with language schools, that will train you up to the required level.
  • When we find the right job, we will contact you with the details of the job.
  • If the job profile suits you, we will introduce you to the employer.
  • If all goes well and both parties agree about the terms, we will help you getting prepared for everything.
  • If certificates and diplomas need translating, this needs to be done.
  • Please check if your travel documents are valid.
  • We will find you suitable accommodation, as close as possible to the place of work.
  • We will help you book a bus, train or flight.
  • One of the representatives of your new employer will be waiting for you in your ‘new’ country.
  • Upon arrival, your employment contract, social insurance papers and other necessary paperwork will be signed in front of your new employer.

Of course, moving to ‘another country’ to work is not as simple as 1-2-3.
You need to get used to another language, another culture, another way of living. This takes time!

Also, have in mind, that in countries like Germany, wages are paid monthly, usually on the 14th day of the following month, so you need to have enough money on you to get through.

Good luck!!!!!