Being a busdriver in Germany

When you watch the video, you will see, what the responsibilities of a busdriver are: getting up early in the morning, getting to work, clocking in, getting your kit together and then go to your bus.
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  • It is 5:30 in the morning, pitch dark….. you leave home, go to your car and then drive to the bus station.
  • The busdriver is responsible to get people to their work and back, as well as schoolkids, as well as people doing their daily shopping, everybody moves.
  • You check the bus for visible damage, check oil level of the engine, the colling system, check the inside and then get into your seat. You start the engine, check oil pressure, all the other controls on the board computer and let the engine warm up gently.
  • After you have checked all controls and you are ready to go, you leave the bus garage…….Your day has started!
  • First stop, a number of passengers are waiting at the bus stop, they are on their way to work. Also, a few kids will hop on the bus, ready for school.
  • ‘Good morning, guten Morgen, kalimera’! Everybody is happy to see the busdriver. Tickets are sold, stamped, some kids have monthly tickets.
  • The driver sets off to the next bus stop, where 2 passengers get off and 5 new passengers get in. Some people read their morning-newspaper, the children talk to eachother, others are quietly looking out the windows.
  • After a few stops, we have reached the school. All kids say goodbye to the driver and leave the bus.
  • Then, we reach the town-centre and most passengers leave the bus. A few stops later, the railway station is reached, the remaining passengers leave the bus.
  • The busdriver goes to the drivers’ canteen for a quick coffee, a 10 minute break before the return journey starts!

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