European Labour Compliance Agency


European Labour Compliance Agency (ELCA)


Equal pay and equal rights for all workers of the same skill on the same job, no matter who their employer is, no matter what their nationality is!


Each country has its own legislation, its law enforcement agencies, yet, many contracts end up sour, since employees are underpaid, treated badly, housed badly, we are talking about social dumping, in other words: modern slavery!!

ELCA is a pan European initiative, its associates are chartered accountants, lawyers, and moreover experienced entrepreneurs, all with passion for their profession, where knowledge and moreover experience in the various legislative rules are bundled, so that social dumping will become history.

Employment agencies

Employment agencies and contractors have to follow very strict rules and regulations and comply with all of these.

Very often companies are not aware of these laws. Penalties can be very high!

ELCA: European Labour Compliance Agency

We at ELCA have years of field experience. ELCA will work as an advisory body to the market.

  • ELCA enables contractors and agencies to certify their regular status for the assignment of public and private works by submitting a single document;
  • ELCA promotes transparency, and increases the visibility of those companies complying with the rules.

From the perspective of coordinating the agencies responsible for monitoring labour regularity in terms of social contributions, welfare and insurance, ELCA is the answer when it comes to combatting undeclared work.

Involving a multipartite body, such as RSZ and FOD in Belgium, ISZW and Belastingdienst in The Netherlands and the co-operation of social insurance institutions as well as tax offices in all other EU countries, employer organisations and trade unions is a great step forward on the way to fight the use of undeclared work and preventing unfair competition.

How does ELCA work?

ELCA has a number of Job Coaches, all professionals with a proven track record. The Job Coaches will take you by the hand in every project that you enter in order to make sure that all rules are followed and all laws are complied with. We do all the groundwork, you focus what you are good at!

One address concept

We promote the ‘one address concept’: we will never redirect you, we will pick up your question and come back to you with the answer. Each client has a job coach, he is your first point of call, he will listen to you!

The job coaches will assist you:

  1. Organize your back office in your home country
  2. Organize your back office in the country where you have a project
  3. Be the one-stop-shop for your employees and make sure that they are in the possession of all necessary paperwork

For The Netherlands, we assist you in getting your NEN 4400 files in order and your WKA declarations sorted. We will take care of your Dutch Tax matters.

For Germany, we assist you in getting an Arbeitnehmerüberlassung and take care of all your paperwork for working in Germany

For Belgium, we will take care of your Licence, your Limosa declarations and all matters that are related to working in Belgium.

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