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When you are looking for a job in another country, languages are sometimes a big hurdle.
Of course, it helps when you have family or friends in your ‘new’ country, but most of the time, you feel lost without enough knowledge of the language

How do you go about this?

Start learning in your home country
In most large cities, there are language schools, where dusing evening hours, lessons are given to bring you up to speed.
On line courses: a lot of discipline is required, and you do not really have a sparring-partner to practice, what you are learning.

Learn in the country where you are looking for work

Our advice: DON’T go to the ‘new country’, until you have at least the basic knowledge of the language, you may not find any work, if you don’t speak the language….

Should you have taken the chance or been thrown in the deep, don’t give up! Learning the language in the ‘destination country’ is easier, like swimming in the deep, because you have no option, but this is the hard -and expensive (!)- way, because you may not be able to find work right away, or have to accept work way below your skills.

Learning the basics of a language could take a few months, so be patient!

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