working abroad

  • Romanian work migration shifts towards northern Europe

    There is a new trend in Romanian work migration abroad, according to Radu Pojoga, regional director of money-transfer platform MoneyGram for South-Eastern Europe. People who previously went to work in Spain, Italy, Greece and other Southern countries start going more to Europe’s northern countries, such as Germany, UK, Sweden, or Norway. More….

  • Registering with the Irish Nursing Board

    Ireland has many vacancies for Registered Nurses. Please click at this link. On this page, you will all the information that is needed to become a registered Nurse in Ireland. For general information, please click here.  The registration has a cost of 350 Euro. The process can take up to 6 months. The steps that you […]

  • Youth unemployment in Europe – What to do about it?

    The figures of youth unemployment are alarming! From a mere 9% in west Europe to more than 60% in Greece…… and what can we do about it? ‘The risk of a lost generation’: what if there is no future for you in your own country? Employers: PLEASE read this document. There are EU funds available […]

  • A new job in a new country

    Many of us are looking for a job in another country. Either there is just not the right job available in your own country, or you are looking for a new challenge, somewhere else! How does this work? You have sent us your personal data after that we will get in contact with you and […]