Become self employed – ZZP

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There are many ways of having a working relationship with the company or client that you are working for:

  1. As an employee: you have a contract of employment, the employer has to obey labour laws, one of which is the law that guarantees you a minimum wage.
  2. As self employed: you have your own ‘company’, you enter a contract with the company that you work for, and you take all risks involved with the job.

Being self employed, gives you a lot of benefits:

  • The rate that you charge is usually a lot higher than the wage you would be earning in an employment contract
  • You determine your own working hours that you agree this with your clients


  • You are responsible for your own medical insurance
  • You do not get paid when you go on holidays
  • You may have to get a liability insurance
  • You are responsible for your own accounts, your invoicing, collection of debts, you will definitely need an accountant, who understands your business to get you through this, so that you can concentrate on your work.

Our Greek-Dutch team at I work in Europe will assist you setting up your own business and help you running it.

We help you:

  • Set up and register the business with the Authorities
  • Getting all contracts and paperwork for your future clients
  • Set up your back office
  • Help you with administration and accountancy
  • Deal with Tax Office

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