The Academy

Do you want to become a professional bricklayer, tiler or plasterer?

Funded and supported by a number of construction and contracting firms in Belgium, The Netherlands and Greece, we have established the Academy, where candidates are trained and prepared for a career, that will bring them long term employment!

The shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry and the low influx of new trainees in West Europe has made us decide to start sourcing and training people in South and East Europe.

Building technique in West Europe differs from the other countries, standards are high, so training is required to bring quality and speed up to the required standards!

Courses are for bricklayers, tilers and plasterers. Later in 2019, courses will be started for electricians and plumbers as well as HVAC engineers.

If you want to apply, please click HERE.

Duration of the course depends on your skills, but is expected between 4-13 weeks. During the first few weeks, you will be trained in Greece and for the last two weeks, you will be in The Netherlands, where exams have to be passed and you will be prepared for your first job!

Jobs may be in Greece, Belgium or The Netherlands.


The course is free of charge.

Depending on your knowledge of English, you will be following a course , also, you will be following a VCA (safety at work) course, exam to be taken in The Netherlands.


The first team with their coaches and instructors, ready to travel!


There is a waiting list for the courses. If you want to apply, please click HERE.