I Work in Europe….. and beyond

I work in Europe….and beyond

I work in Europe is not just a Europe-wide job board, we have a team of experienced recruiters in many European countries and beyond, giving jobseekers the chance to find the job that suits them best. I work in Europe is the place where jobseekers and employers meet, where new careers start and people get the chance to use and develop their talents!

We are there for jobseekers, but also for companies, that are looking for qualified personnel, temporary or permanent. For those companies, we are the perfect consultancy partner. Our network of ‘local’ experts, our knowledge of European legislation, labour laws as well as social security and taxation will guide our clients through the ever-changing world of legislation.

Our services

  • Legal services: more than 30 years expertise, that started with hands-on contracting, finally resulting in legal counselling and consultancy.
  • Backoffice services: Many foreign employers do not know the way in countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany. We do!
  • Accountancy services: Payroll, taxes can be left in our capable hands!
  • Management support: we can handle your ‘overseas business’ professionally! We wil deal with the authorities on behalf of you!
  • Payroll Services: We offer payroll services through an associated  professional organisation with licences in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

What is Payroll Europe?

Payroll Europe is a subsidiary of I work in Europe, where our Recruiters are the brokers between temporary worker and clients in The UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

We offer you competitive rates, since we offer our service in volume, we have a lean-and-mean organisation and do not have time-consuming backoffice processes.

Our job is to manage and guide our recruiters, so that they can concentrate on their forte: the placement of temporary personnel!

Are you interested to learn more about becoming a Recruiter, please send us a mail to recruitment@iworkineurope.com

Cross-border employment

We at I work in Europe hae more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of cross-border employment: from paperwork to logistics as well as finding houses, schools, arranging language courses for people, who are moving from one country to another.

Temporary employment

Employment agencies, who want to deploy their personnel abroad, are dealing with local tax-laws, arranging housing and transport for their workers. Some countries have strict legislation and licensing regulations. I work in Europe has the expertise to guide companies.


In the construction industry, even stricter laws apply, and heavy penalties will be paid by companies that do not obey the law. I work in Europe guides construction companies as well as their workers.