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  • Zal de Europese e-Card bouwbedrijven helpen naar het buitenland?

    11 januari 2017, Bouwjobs, het online portal voor de bouw in Belgie, publiceert een interessant artikel over mogelijkheden voor bouwbedrijven om in het buitenland te werken met gebruikmaking van een zogenaamde Europese e-Card. Voor de volledige tekst van het artikel, klik op de volgende link

  • NMC Application process for non-EU nurses

    Application for a PIN New applicants Applicants must complete a self-assessment with the NMC of their eligibility to apply prior to beginning the application process. This is completed online. Before deciding to apply, applicants should consider if they meet the general and specific requirements. Please read this documentation Begin an NMC application There are different fees […]

  • Writing a good CV is essential !

    Before you start: Five basic principles for a good CV Concentrate on the essentials Employers generally spend less than one minute reading a CV before deciding to reject it, or to shortlist it for detailed consideration. If you fail to make the right impact, you missed your chance. If applying for an advertised vacancy, always […]

  • IELTS language tests

    For our candidates, who are applying for a position as a nurse in the UK, there are language-requirements. IELTS 7.0 is required in order to qualify for a PIN. Read more about IELTS here. There are on line courses free of charge!

  • English language competence for nurses and midwives

    Providing evidence of English language competence: Guidance for EEA trained nurses and midwives   1 Nurses and midwives play a vital role in the provision of healthcare in the UK. As a registered nurse or midwife it is your responsibility to make the safety and wellbeing of those in your care your primary concern. A key part of this is communication, and the need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in English. 2 For this reason, in order to hold registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), you must first satisfy us that you have the necessary knowledge of English. This means, ‘a knowledge of English which is necessary for the safe and effective practice of nursing or midwifery in the United Kingdom’   More…..

  • Romanian work migration shifts towards northern Europe

    There is a new trend in Romanian work migration abroad, according to Radu Pojoga, regional director of money-transfer platform MoneyGram for South-Eastern Europe. People who previously went to work in Spain, Italy, Greece and other Southern countries start going more to Europe’s northern countries, such as Germany, UK, Sweden, or Norway. More….

  • UK: Restrictions on recruiting nurses from overseas to be temporarily lifted

    Photo Jane Cummings, chief nursing officer Restrictions on the NHS recruiting nurses from overseas have been temporarily lifted after warnings that a crisis in medical staffing is looming this winter. The NHS Employers organisation and the heads of 10 leading trusts wrote to the Home Secretary about their concerns; and Simon Stevens, head of NHS […]

  • Nurses in the UK, recognition of diplomas for non-EU citizens

    Please click on this link to read the NHS information about recognition of your diplomas and certificates in the UK for non-EU citizens. NMC introduces new application fee for nurses and midwives trained outside the EU If you request an application pack and submit the pack to us, the NMC will charge a £110 evaluation […]

  • Registering with the Irish Nursing Board

    Ireland has many vacancies for Registered Nurses. Please click at this link. On this page, you will all the information that is needed to become a registered Nurse in Ireland. For general information, please click here.  The registration has a cost of 350 Euro. The process can take up to 6 months. The steps that you […]

  • Nurses in the UK, recognition of diplomas

    Please click on this link to read the NHS information about recognition of your diplomas and certificates in the UK. NMC introduces new application fee for EU trained nurses and midwives If you request an application pack and submit the pack to us, the NMC will charge a £110 evaluation fee. This fee has been […]

  • Youth unemployment in Europe – What to do about it?

    The figures of youth unemployment are alarming! From a mere 9% in west Europe to more than 60% in Greece…… and what can we do about it? ‘The risk of a lost generation’: what if there is no future for you in your own country? Employers: PLEASE read this document. There are EU funds available […]